Behind each contemporary painting that we propose to you there is a painter selected on a blow of heart. We present works from very different worlds that have moved us. From the painting that makes us smile to the one that awakens darker aspects in us, they all provoke reactions that are very personal to us. Behind each painting is a work of art...
Behind each contemporary painting that we propose to you there is a painter selected on a blow of heart. We present works from very different worlds that have moved us. From the painting that makes us smile to the one that awakens darker aspects in us, they all provoke reactions that are very personal to us. Behind each painting is a work of art that we had the pleasure of discovering, proposed by fascinating and humanly rich artists. It is with great pleasure that we share their work with you. In each biography, a little hint is given about our meeting with the artist. All the paintings presented here are available for sale online and in the gallery. You can buy your work with complete peace of mind. The online sales site is secure and the available artworks are updated in real time. We wish you a beautiful artistic discovery!



  • AMEY

    Born in 1968, Amey is a French painter. Coming from an atypical background, Amey has been pursuing her artistic work for many years, but it is only later that she decided to devote herself fully to it. She deals with many subjects, all of which have man and his social relations in common. Blue Shadow deals with life in society, the power of the group and its fragility.
    Suggested characters who face each other without being part of the group, others who open up and accept the other, excluded figures who try to communicate or cower in their solitude, Amey tackles the problems of a society while seeing in it a strength and an opportunity to rise, accentuated by the light coming from the outline of the shadows.

    The gallery's words

    What seduced us in Amey's work is the strength that emerges from each canvas, a universe that speaks of the human, without showing it. Amey does not define herself as an artist, she prefers to say that she paints her emotions, the knife has replaced the pen and the canvas the paper. Amey often paints in reaction to events, so she can vary the subjects even if her favourite terrain remains the human. It is this very work that led us to represent her, her works resemble her, few words but the essential is said.


    It all started with street art. Born in 1978 Fabrice Annevile Constance has always been attracted to drawing. Young teenager investing the streets of his graffiti, Fabrice Anneville began by talking about him, his life, developing an artistic identity influenced by Keith Haring, Michel Basquiat, Robert Combas or Hervé Di Rossa. From the street to the canvas, the artist has evolved his subjects by working on his representation of society. Fabrice Anneville, with intricate and complex round shapes, defends a cheerful, free and relaxed painting. The artist has a clearly identifiable color palette where the violence of the colors and the figurative will reinforce the belonging to the "Free Figuration".
    The wood support for volume creations accentuates his artistic writing already well marked. The artist tames the forms, masters the colors but leaves a total freedom to the interpretation of the subject, a colored work, dynamic which allures.

    The gallery's words

    Fabrice Anneville Constance came directly to present his work in the gallery. An open, attentive and simple artist who speaks passionately about his painting. I liked the construction of the works and Fabrice's artistic writing, so I immediately agreed to represent his work and participate in making his works known. Attracted by the street art it was only missing the meeting to open another facet of my artistic sensibility.

  • BERGERET Rachel
    RACHEL BERGERET, born in 1975, trained in plastic arts and began her professional life as a stylist. Passionate, she worked for 12 years during which she realized many collections in corsetry, wedding dresses, evening dresses and more particularly excelled in embroidery. She eventually took over the creative direction in India where she went every season for the collections.
    But Rachel has a secret garden, since all these years she devotes her free time to painting and exploring materials as she does in fashion design. In 2003 she launched her first exhibition but it was only in 2009, after 4 years of research, that "the midinette" appeared for the first time, a character with a proven femininity from the 1930s. She crystallizes her work and her passion around this character and naturally adds embroidery and collage of everyday objects to create her "pictorial signature". In 2011, she chooses painting as her only professional activity and approaches different artistic techniques, including drawing, acrylic painting and watercolor.
    From her travels in India she will keep her explosive colors, her playful temperament and her taste for burlesque, resulting in exhibitions full of joie de vivre, aesthetics and know-how but let's not be mistaken behind these aesthetic works there is a commitment.
    Rachel addresses the place of women in society and treats the subjects with humor and derision with a great concern for detail. The artist engages in a double reading work, she wants to open the discussion and talk about sensitive topics but defends herself from being connoted as a feminist, she prefers to talk about paradoxes.
    In 2013 she will present a real work of plastic, volume, art in which she is then a precursor. In 2019, her effects of movements and textures become clearer towards the series that she calls POP UP PAINTING, in reference to these "pop up" picture books that stand up to come to life. She soon met with unprecedented international success. Remembering her first approaches as a child making clothes for her dolls, her first dreams oscillating between styling and painting, she gives life to her "BABY DOLLS".
    This series is obvious, as if everything since she was 7 years old had led her to this artistic synthesis. Telling the story of fashion, with poetry, exuberance, without any limits.
    "Nothing is impossible, we are free and powerful beings" could be her guiding principle, a light that guides and inspires her in each creation.
    Since then, the artist has enjoyed great success, her compositions have become richer, sometimes recalling the opulence of the great masters, while always remaining anchored in the present. Rachel takes care to restore the "paradoxes" of a generation.

    The gallery's words

    When I discovered Rachel's work, I loved the fresh air that blew in and which is so rare at the moment. Then I travelled to the heart of these comics that I read as a child and in which the sexy and ultra-feminine heroines gave a glimpse of what the "woman of tomorrow" would be, liberated and assumed without being opposed to lightness and humor. Rachel pays tribute to fashion, she has kept her knowledge but also took risks by making the apology of luxury and femininity with recycled materials, I appreciate this counterpunch and this shift but even more the joy of life that emanates.
  • P.BROSSEAU Raoul
    Raoul P. Brosseau is from Brittany (France). Perhaps you guessed it? Certainly, the Bretons have this ability to talk about what is essential to them, the ocean.  They live with the water, become one with the elements, blend into the aquatic environment. Raoul P.Brosseau has inherited a strong character from them and with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop, he paints childhood memories on pine lined beaches. Swimmers rewrite history, sometimes lying a little to make it more beautiful than it was.
    "Water is an element where you forget yourself, where you disappear. When we swim, we are no longer just ourselves but one with it. Time no longer exists. And when you come out of it, there's still that mysterious little smile on my swimmers' faces, at once disillusioned and satisfied. »
    So if Raoul P. Brosseau has always been swimming, he has also been painting since his early childhood. Drawings then paintings but it remains a pleasure of the lost hours. Raoul becomes a teacher, bookseller, journalist, press attaché, does communication, plays the ukulele in a band, writes detective stories... A busy literary and artistic life, then encouraging encounters allow him to participate in his first exhibitions. The artist will imagine this passage as follows: "as one jumps from a diving board a little too high, to realize delighted that everything is going well" the artist then devotes himself fully to the painting that has accompanied him all his life.
    His work revolves around mixed media, acrylic. A mixture of flat and relief, bright or gray colors. Contrast is one of the keys of his expression, like a shift that you don't expect.
    Today, for less than ten years, Raoul P. Brosseau has participated in many artistic events, has exhibited in several galleries, particularly in the west of France.
    And Raoul P. Brosseau is happy.

    Words from the gallery

    Raoul P. Brosseau contacted me by email during the period of confinement, a good time to think and start new projects. I discovered with great pleasure his element, his universe and this nascent perplexity in front of his works. I liked it very much but I did not give an immediate answer as the period was not really suitable for the integration of a new artist. One week later Raoul P. Brosseau called me, I felt a joy of life, a complete and complex journey and a real desire to establish a relationship of trust. The decision was made immediately and despite this period that was nailing us to the house, we wanted to start this new collaboration without delay while waiting to meet each other.

    The workshop

    Discover the artworks of Raoul P.Brosseau from her workshop in our section "artists' workshops"

    Claire and Siri are two artists, one French, the other Norwegian, who have been painting with four hands for almost ten years. The specificity of their work is the mixture of two perceptions of the plant world. This complementarity is their signature.
    Their favourite theme is “the tree”, a symbol common to all cultures and their diversity. The series «Roots» expresses the strength of nature by the oppositions of matter between the roughness of the trunk of the tree and the lightness of its foliage.
    Their works allow them to express their endless wonder in the face of the multitude of shades.
    "The "Man of Vitruvius" structures our canvases. Matter, colours and the balance of our trees provide us with the opportunity to question our own roots and the place of man in the world".
    Claire and Siri thus hope to contribute to defining the meaning of LIFE in the collective consciousness.

    The gallery's words
    The work of These two artists is a constant wonder before an environment that sometimes escapes our gaze. Nature takes its place again and 4-handed work brings this complementarity. I particularly liked this duo approach and this sharing in the first sense of art.

  • DESSERLE Cécile
    Cécile Desserle, a passionate, authentic and spirited artist, never stops searching, testing and perfecting her work to deliver works that pay homage to women and proclaim freedom, sensuality and femininity. Movement, gestures, tools, Cécile leaves nothing to chance. Cécile Desserle creates, it is the very essence of her life, perhaps it comes from her parents who were ceramists, from this workshop that she explored as a child from every angle and whose smell will mark her forever. At the age of 10, she joined the Avignon Fine Arts School in the framework of workshops open to the public, and then quickly attended classes for adults, even if this meant breaking the school rules. At the age of 15, Cécile approached the galleries, nothing could stop her and she trained as a plastic artist at the Sorbonne before going on to teach Plastic Arts.
    It is in her studio, her cocoon, her refuge, that she lets her thoughts go. Inspired by Ernest Pignon Ernest and Jacques Villeglé, she gives free rein to her imagination, the body and movement impose themselves, dance and music enter her composition. Collectors noticed her as early as 2003 and shortly afterwards the film-maker Abdellatif Kéchiche found in Cécile Desserle the artist he was looking for to create the works featured in his film "La vie d'Adèle", Palme d'or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.
    "Retranscribing the aesthetics of bodies to the point of hyper-realistic perfection is an obsession. Whether it's with charcoal, with which one can achieve the illusion of a photo, or with paint, the drawing gradually becomes volume and, through hard work, a character gradually comes to life in front of me. The apparitions that inspired them become bodies. In this quasi-mystical moment I feel like a smuggler, discovering a woman who reveals herself before me, and through whom I feel I exist.
    Curiously, it is at this moment when the Grail could be reached, that a gap between reality and my painting breaks the illusion of hyper-realism: with a gesture I erase a part of my work, as if I wanted, by altering its perfection, to also make the extreme difficulty of it visible."

    the gallery’s words

    I had the pleasure of representing Cécile Desserle in 2015 and am delighted to resume this collaboration. I still have the same attraction for this sensual and liberated femininity. Cécile never ceases to perfect her gestures, to demand the best of herself while keeping her simplicity and her artistic writing.
  • EYMANN Florian
    Florian Eymann, a self-taught French artist born 1980, began by exploring the world of music for several years before practicing the pictorial art for which he is now recognized in France and internationally. Florian is identifiable by his oil paintings where he explores dark themes and experiments with form and content by deconstructing and reinterpreting faces and expressions of traditional portraiture.
    Taking inspiration from the light of Caravaggio, the deformations of Bacon, the freedom of sight of Picasso and many others; Eymann developed a particular gestural methodology. By merging shapes and bright colours, the artist deliberately portrays a constant impression of construction/destruction.
    His work makes the viewer discover that the representational standards can transcend by strategically incorporating abstract touches of paint which partially camouflage the work and thus letting the imagination be carried away.

    The gallery's words

    I discovered Florian's work on social media. What immediately struck me was this reference to great artists without actually referring to them. A great freedom of interpretation, a constantly evolving construction which never finds its final form, close to this precipice of chaos, the artist never tipping into the abyss. We traded on several occasions but Florian, caught up in the American market, could not be represented in France. The confinement will have finally served the gallery since the artist has entrusted us with his representation in Bordeaux.

  • FISCHER Jean-Christophe
    Born in 1971, Jean Christophe FISCHER is passionate by painting since an early age. Not finding the depth of soul that he was looking for, he stoped painting at 20 years old and turned to music, dance. Jean Christophe became percussionist and worked for ten years with great masters.
    "François Kokelaere made me gain 20 years of research, I owe him a lot."
    More than 10 years of observation, and encounters, enable him to mature his painting, to tap into the dark realities of life, feeling deep within himself altruistic feelings which he fully realizes. The artist finally gets back to brushes and tries out the abstract...but to his surprise it is the human who appears to him.
    "I didn't see it coming, it was a discovery, the material made me feel my deep resonance. So, as an insidious analysis, I went to meet myself...I must explore everything..."
    The man became his favorite subject. Mirror of the soul, his painting reveals a humanity full of doubts, questions, uncertainties...the face that appears on the canvas expresses the loneliness of the human being, his pain, his anguish. Yesterday and today these many faces could also be those of tomorrow. All these eyes scan us, follow us and we still hear them when we walk away. Ths is the deafening and disturbing truth.

    The gallery's words

    Even before the creation of the gallery I was irretrievably drawn to the works of Jean-Christophe Fischer. My first artistic "meeting" was done via an art magazine, I could not take my eyes off those eyes that were scrutinizing me ! Disturbing, certainly, but so captivating! In 2013 I decided to contact and to offer him a collaboration, without really thinking that he would accept, we were a young gallery and he already had a good representation and a great reputation. His "yes" was for me an unexpected gift, I was finally able to share my these patingins that I love. Since 2014 I made you discover his universe and invited you to follow him in his creation. Jean-Christophe is a committed person who favors human relationships, a common point that connects us and strengthens us in our collaboration.
    Born in 1980 in Lille, Hellen Halftermeyer did not first consider sharing her artworks as an artist, as if the mere fact of living her life was in itself an artistic act rather disheveled and often unconventional.
    Not so long ago, the click, making Art of living is not enough any mor. She focuses from now on her creative energy to the realization of sensitive artworks in which the human figure is preeminent.
    No matter the medium, there is a closeness in the way she paints and carves. Expressionist deconstruction of academic codes, sometimes furious, emanates tension and emotion.

    The gallery's words

    We discovered Hellen Halftermeyer's paintings in 2017. The  aroused emotions were so strong that we quickly contacted the artist. After some interesting exchanges about her very personal approach to painting we were convinced to present her work in the gallery. A first meeting with the artist, followed a few months later by an artistic proposal, gave meaning to our future collaboration. In April 2018, the first paintings of Hellen arrived and it was a real pleasure to discover these works of extreme sensitivity. Hellen joins the artists of the gallery and brings a feminine touch, mysterious, deep, to the intense work already presented in gallery. In perfect harmony with the spirit of the gallery we follow her work with great interest.

    Michel Lagrange wrote a poem "Mysterious" inspired by a work by Hellen
    "Appearance passage between two of life
    Moving universe
    Spiritual stained glass
    Without the partitions of a low-level lead
    In this great ocean dream
    A woman's impression evanescent
    Emerge ... "
    Born at the beginning of the 90 in one of the biparental families of the Marne, Manat has always been interested in the soundscape and Brazilian percussion.
    He creates his first black metal band (Extreme Daniel Radcliffe Band) at the age of 15 and obtains his diploma at the music conservatory of Reims, specialized in drums.The band enjoyed some success due to the energetic performance on stage, and, during 10 years, he toured across France, from underground bars to national music festivals.But, as a result of cardiovascular discomfort caused by the absorption of a large amount of aspirin, Manat decides to turn the pate « Rock’n roll » of his life.

    He definitively changed his way of life, and rented a workshop in west Montpellier to devote himself to his new creative passion, painting.
    Real emotional choc, he then decides to make it his profession  as autodidacte.
    Manat still lives and works in the south of France, with this particular light, that the artist know so well.
    His work becomes a great success, recognizable to his portraits of humanized monkeys on abstract background. Treating the themes of his youth, tattoos and rock n roll, and other more classical univers on various medium.
    When asked the question : « Does the semantics of your work emancipate itself constantly from an academic analysis, or even a primordial rejection of the limit that underlies your work? » He answers « yes » in all simplicity, because he is a simple man first and foremost.

    The gallery’s words

    I discovered Manat’s work on the web, amused and caught by this work that represents humains attitude and comportement in gorillas and monkeys, we got in touch and met each other. I met an artist who takes real pleasure in exploring and provoking through his creation. Manant does not taking himself seriously, he is in the amusement and fun, which ended up convincing me if I still needed to be convinced.
  • MARCEL Pascal
    Emotion is at the heart of Pascal Marcel's work. His paintings do not lie, but act as a mirror where we are free to add our own history and experience. The artist transcribes with a touching honesty, scenes of real lives. Under his fingers, everyday banality becomes an ode to life and joy. Thus, the Man is in the center of his works, and Pascal "paints with admirable tenderness the wanderers of the night, the wounded of the life, the lost ones of the small mornings but also the joy of  childhood and the small happiness everyday simple ". Color balances deeply with the stoic character. It gives another dimension to the work, and to the emotion it arouses in us. Pascal Marcel reveals himself to be a true pictorial poet. Representing the human and the humanity, it manages without difficulty to transmit multiple universal emotions.

    Born in 1964 in Montélimar, Pascal Marcel is an autodidact. He began his first exhibitions in 1980. In 1993 he decided to devote himself entirely to painting and went to an abstract work. He devoted himself to figurative art during his five-year stay in Mexico, where he participated in numerous exhibitions. He will return with lots of bright colors and warm.

    The words of the gallery

    I discovered the works of Pascal Marcel a few years ago on a show. The extraordinary palette of colors holds the attention, then the magic operates. A great sensitivity, scenes of daily life, tenderness, curiosity, everything is mixed in us and the look continues to be lost in the work.
    It took more than 6 years for us to finally meet and make you discover his work.
    Sincere and very kind, the artist reveals a part of him through a prism, situations put in paintings that question us. We invite you to dive without restraint into the world of Pascal Marcel.

  • MONJO Nicolas
    After looking for his own path for a long time, Nicolas Monjo discovered painting at the age of twenty. Selfthaught, he developed his own technique  and allows him to play with the medium, offering a very personal style. The human figure is at the center of his work. His subjects often evolve in fantastic univers, and are not without any resemblance to the society and the world around us.
    The characters are locked up, crushed by the frame of the painting, they present a difficulty which makes us leave our condition, of the transcendence, in a violent and anxiogenic society which does not always allow us to break free. The "dominant / dominated" relationship is often evoked and the recurring figure of fish here is the ultimate expression. A palette of soft and dark color at the same time, creates a singular atmosphere.

    The words of the gallery

    Nicolas Monjo contacted  the gallery to present his artworks. I immediately perceived his technicality and went straight into his world. Seduced by the subject and his vision of the world, his artworks touched me. The first encounter with the artist, friendly and simple, achieved to convince me. Nicolas Monjo is genuine and sincere in his work, he does not really explain what led him to paint but recognizes the absolute necessity to create. With a true artistic soul, he prefers to stay in his studio and let others talk about his work. Nicolas brings a different touch in the gallery and joins the artists with a marked identity and a beautiful personality.

    An artist's name that immediately attracts sympathy! "Patoune" will tell you about her artwork with a shimmering accent from the south of France. The artist lives her painting in every nook and cranny, subject, texture, relationship to matter and colour, Patoune tells us about her travels, her encounters through her life. Emotions that breathe, human values that spring from the work.
     Dynamic and spontaneous, her technique and gestures border on abstraction. Colourful landscapes, silhouettes that draw themselves and invite you to follow them, the artist's artworks are almost tactile.
    Her artwork is recognized and the artist, represented in France and abroad, has joined a large number of collections.
    The words of the gallery

    I met Patoune at an art fair in Nantes. She had tears in her eyes in front of an artwork we were exhibiting. Artists are used to say that a work is for someone, Patoune had met hers. Since then our paths have crossed several times and I followed her work with attention. Very sensitive to her universe and hier work of matter, it is also her human values and her generosity that finally brought us together.
  • REHEISSER Thomas
    Born in 1977, Thomas Reheisser lives in a family environment that is conducive to the art he discovers as a whole. Two superb perspectives stand out for him as a matter of course: music and drawing. As long as he remembers, Thomas has always held a brush without allowing him to express himself fully. As soon as he graduated from high school, Texunion spotted his pencil stroke and recruited him, he designed for it the collections of this mythical brand until 2000, when the company closed. Thomas Reheisser then decided to resume his studies in music and became a teacher at the Mulhouse and Colmar conservatories. Passionate about the guitar, he expresses and transmits through the strings what the brush has not expressed for a long time. Then it was the shock, the trigger, he met Christophe Hohler, a famous plastic pianist. Thomas returns free, free to express through drawing, through painting. His first work, after all these years of silence, is simply breathtaking. Power, depth, maturity, Thomas has found his artistic expression.
    Unable to match it, we will quote Lionel Bamond, writer, discovering Thomas' works "Impossible to control the emotion by punching the stomach... In the hollow of these wandering and gushing creatures of a night of carbon, I guess, pell-mell, the blurring of Jean-Jacques Henner, the lighting of Caravaggio, the ink of Soulage, the solitude of Bacon".

    The gallery’s words

    3 photos in an email and a modest, almost shy presentation. Thomas Reheisser contacted me, a name I will never forget. The first visual haunts me, the second captivates me, the third decides me. Our exchanges are simple, the artist is in line with the message, modest, simple and generous.

  • ROUSSELET Joëlle
    Expressionist artist, Joëlle Rousselet is a link revealer. Her work highlights what unites man and nature. « It’s a Landscape of souls where a score is played, at once mineral and organic, human and animal ». To look at his characters and faces are at the same time material, temporality and history. Like the archaeologist discovering the human remains that reveal his history to the world, the viewer delights in this plunge into the source of life. Joëlle Rousselet paints the connections, the movement, the molts. It plays an emotional back and forth between the elements of nature and its creations, a way to connect with the « living ».

    The gallery's words

    I discovered the paintings of Joëlle Rousselet during an art Fair in 2020, She was exhibited by a colleague whose artistic sensivity I appreciate. Immersed in the « soul » of one of her paintings exhibited I had the chance to meet the artist. Joëlle has a great sensitivity and humility, and she speaks of her work with great simplicity and reserve. In 2021 Joëlle joins the artists of the gallery !

    Didier Triglia is born in 1966 in Perpignan. He started making art in 1998, first in his region, then, little by little, he expanded to the national level and crosses borders. If he used to define himself as a painter before, it is now a real career as a visual artist that he is embodying. Indeed, he uses many techniques of creation such as polystyrene, driftwood, cut paper or cardboard.
    Didier Triglia first expressed himself through music. Founder of a band, he devotes himself fervently to the drawing of concert posters. Then, he expanded his activity, especially through the work of collage, which drives him deeply.
    Creation is vital for the artist, it is quite simply impossible for him to spend days without expressing himself. His figurative work is instinctive and according to him, the artwork he paints most quickly are often the best because they allow him to unfold what he carries within him quite naturally. He confides that he never knows what will be the final result of his work when he starts doing it.
    If Didier Triglia's works can at first sight be gripping and revealing of a suffering, they are on the contrary defined by their creator as optimistic, joyful and full of light. His paintings and sculptures are imposing not only because of their size but also and above all because of an exceptional work and endless narratives. Mixing bestial representations, bright colours and psychedelic beings in his creation, the artist willingly opens the door to his universe, where happiness, enthusiasm and lust for life are the key words.

    the gallery's words

    I discovered Didier Triglia's work a few years ago at a fair and at the time his work had already caught my attention. Once I got over the initial attraction of the explosive colour palette, I liked the stories he tells or that we may all interpret through his works. Triglia is a tangle of characters, materials and situations that juxtapose and oppose each other, creating an infinite story.