Painting  There are 223 artworks

  • MARCEL Pascal
    Emotion is at the heart of Pascal Marcel's work. His paintings do not lie, but act as a mirror where we are free to add our own history and experience. The artist transcribes with a touching honesty, scenes of real lives. Under his fingers, everyday banality becomes an ode to life and joy. Thus, the Man is in the center of his works, and Pascal "paints with admirable tenderness the wanderers of the night, the wounded of the life, the lost ones of the small mornings but also the joy of  childhood and the small happiness everyday simple ". Color balances deeply with the stoic character. It gives another dimension to the work, and to the emotion it arouses in us. Pascal Marcel reveals himself to be a true pictorial poet. Representing the human and the humanity, it manages without difficulty to transmit multiple universal emotions.

    Born in 1964 in Montélimar, Pascal Marcel is an autodidact. He began his first exhibitions in 1980. In 1993 he decided to devote himself entirely to painting and went to an abstract work. He devoted himself to figurative art during his five-year stay in Mexico, where he participated in numerous exhibitions. He will return with lots of bright colors and warm.

    The words of the gallery

    I discovered the works of Pascal Marcel a few years ago on a show. The extraordinary palette of colors holds the attention, then the magic operates. A great sensitivity, scenes of daily life, tenderness, curiosity, everything is mixed in us and the look continues to be lost in the work.
    It took more than 6 years for us to finally meet and make you discover his work.
    Sincere and very kind, the artist reveals a part of him through a prism, situations put in paintings that question us. We invite you to dive without restraint into the world of Pascal Marcel.

  • AMEY

    Born in 1968, Amey is a french painter. After an unusual career, Amey continues for many years her artistic work but it is only later that she decided to devote herself fully. A strong knife painting, sometimes monochromatic palettes, reduced and often dark are characteristic of her work. Amey explored the city, abandonated places, the edges of the seas, the sport...The artist follows her emotions, impulses and regularly changing the subject.

    The gallery's words

    What seduced us in the work of Amey is the strength that emerges from each canvas, a universe that speaks of the human, without showing it. Amey does not define herself as an artist, she prefers to say that she paints her emotions, the knife has replaced the pen and the canvas the paper. Amey often paints in reaction to events, so she can vary subjects even if her favorite terrain is architecture. It is this very work that has led us to represent it. Her works are like her, few words but the essential is said

  • MONJO Nicolas
    After looking for his own path for a long time, Nicolas Monjo discovered painting at the age of twenty. Selfthaught, he developed his own technique  and allows him to play with the medium, offering a very personal style. The human figure is at the center of his work. His subjects often evolve in fantastic univers, and are not without any resemblance to the society and the world around us.
    The characters are locked up, crushed by the frame of the painting, they present a difficulty which makes us leave our condition, of the transcendence, in a violent and anxiogenic society which does not always allow us to break free. The "dominant / dominated" relationship is often evoked and the recurring figure of fish here is the ultimate expression. A palette of soft and dark color at the same time, creates a singular atmosphere.

    The words of the gallery

    Nicolas Monjo contacted  the gallery to present his artworks. I immediately perceived his technicality and went straight into his world. Seduced by the subject and his vision of the world, his artworks touched me. The first encounter with the artist, friendly and simple, achieved to convince me. Nicolas Monjo is genuine and sincere in his work, he does not really explain what led him to paint but recognizes the absolute necessity to create. With a true artistic soul, he prefers to stay in his studio and let others talk about his work. Nicolas brings a different touch in the gallery and joins the artists with a marked identity and a beautiful personality.
    Born in 1980 in Lille, Hellen Halftermeyer did not first consider sharing her artworks as an artist, as if the mere fact of living her life was in itself an artistic act rather disheveled and often unconventional.
    Not so long ago, the click, making Art of living is not enough any mor. She focuses from now on her creative energy to the realization of sensitive artworks in which the human figure is preeminent.
    No matter the medium, there is a closeness in the way she paints and carves. Expressionist deconstruction of academic codes, sometimes furious, emanates tension and emotion.

    The gallery's words

    We discovered Hellen Halftermeyer's paintings in 2017. The  aroused emotions were so strong that we quickly contacted the artist. After some interesting exchanges about her very personal approach to painting we were convinced to present her work in the gallery. A first meeting with the artist, followed a few months later by an artistic proposal, gave meaning to our future collaboration. In April 2018, the first paintings of Hellen arrived and it was a real pleasure to discover these works of extreme sensitivity. Hellen joins the artists of the gallery and brings a feminine touch, mysterious, deep, to the intense work already presented in gallery. In perfect harmony with the spirit of the gallery we follow her work with great interest.

    Michel Lagrange wrote a poem "Mysterious" inspired by a work by Hellen
    "Appearance passage between two of life
    Moving universe
    Spiritual stained glass
    Without the partitions of a low-level lead
    In this great ocean dream
    A woman's impression evanescent
    Emerge ... "

    After studying at the Fine Art School in Orleans, CAPTON devoted himself to his art from 1987, and from 1991 to the teaching of arts. In 2003, he stopped teaching to paint full time. Animal painter, portraitist of bulls and cows, CAPTON is also devoted to the landscape or the male nude.

    CAPTON is a committed artist, a demanding and passionate painter. He fully claims the heritage of the old masters and their ideal aestheticism. Artist of the New Renaissance, the beauty and emotion it provides is at the center of its creation.

    His work often refers to the universe of rurality, where he draws inspiration. The works of CAPTON evoke his questions about the competence and the legitimacy of the Man in the interference of the world.

    Omnipresent, the question of "domination" and its excesses, recurs repeatedly in the work of Capton. Domination of man over man, domination of man over nature and its programmed destruction. The artist questions, warns us against these abusive behaviors, destruction by the man of his environment. A cry of alarm to make us think and change our behavior.
    The theme of "sacrificied nature" points our responsibility on the future of the planet.The artist invites us to lead an active reflection.

    The gallery's words

    Our first encounter with the work of Capton dates back several years ago. Challenged by his work and the balance of power and domination he denounces we reacted quickly. A meeting in the gallery in 2016 allowed us to understand better the artist's work, to finally consider a collaboration that took shape in 2017 with the "Hommes-Taureaux". In 2018 we introduce in gallery his work on "sacrificed nature", a subject that speaks to our heart. CAPTON joins the gallery's committed artists and offers us different aspect of this subject.

  • CARBONNE Benjamin

    Benjamin Carbonne was born in 1970 in France. Self-taught, he took possession of this kind of art and since then, always "says" what bothers him, a way to expresse violence, his or someone else's, and eventually make space for something else inside him. The artist paintings are often tormented characters. This period  of his work will focus on the sometimes sweet and sensitive, but also very often torn or distorted with painful faces, sreaming the need of expression.

    In 2004 he creates with Antonio Rodriguez Yuste (poet and painter), the workshop of contemporary art "Interferences" and extend their collaboration. Particular works are at the origin of Benjamin's evolution. In 2007, the creation of a 50-meter-long mural at the Rivesaltes camp will give new meaning to his approach and will make Benjamin discover his "place" as an artist in a story. In 2009 it is the order of a Pieta that will cause in Benjamin a different work on the body.

    After hitting with intensity what could be more alive, more skinned like humanity, Benjamin naturally takes this new way to work on the other bodies or faces, revealing all their power in contrast depth and lightness, precision and pictorial space to the imagination.

    Benjamin Carbonne was selected for its "storming" which was presented at the opening of Marseille-provence 2013, The european Capital of the culture. 

    The gallery's words

    I met for the first time Benjamin Carbonne in 2012. The discovery of his work was violent. Attraction, mystery, violence, denunciation, softness ... complementary and contradictory emotions, it was a real revelation : I had to work with him,  it could not be otherwise! The first meeting was as complex as his work, Benjamin, a complete, honest artist, wanted to be certain that I will not distort his words and that I will feel what he has in his creations. For a first collaboration, the artist invited me to come and paint the large scales at the gallery and spend several days together, which would allow us to get to know each other better. Benjamin worked in the 3rd room, I had the chance to experience a performance that gave me "goose bumps". Without more word, the message was over. Since 2012 it is a collaboration, a mutual trust that has been built. We both take care to never distort the remarks, to remain faithful to who we are. Since 2012 we have exposed all the work of Benjamin and continue with pleasure to make you discover his progress.

  • DANZE Sabine

    Sabine Danzé is a world renowed french artist. Her work is part of some of the most prestigous collections. This free spirit is define by her artistic identity, dedicating herslef to art and painting.

    Precise and caracteristic movements gives unity to her work. Sabine Danzé is unique, with a limitless creativity and deep determination. The artist may change subject regularly, but her work is still as intense. Her color palette is vivid, fluorescent, full of transparencies. Her technical mastery allows her to create striking paintings, that becomes a source of inspiration.

    Haute Couture’s serie

    This serie puts a light on colors and brush srokes. Sabine Danzé transports us in a fascinating universe, where luxury and aestheticism are adding to the intrisic sensitivity of each artwork. Sabine’s « Haute Couture »’s will haunt you, creating a mystic depeneance , intangible but yet so real.

    The gallery's words

    We discovered the work of Sabine Danzé during an exhibition at a colleague's home. Subjugated by her paintings, I could not help but share it, which triggered a contact, many phone conversations and a meeting in her studio. Gifted and passionate, Sabine Danzé has a strong personality. She is in perpetual intellectual effervescence, paints, conducts research on materials and compositions, works several themes at once without ever releasing anything. Wishing to represent her, but faced with so much artistic richness, we decided to start our collaboration by the "haute couture" series. It is with this subject taht the Bordeaux public discovered her work in 2017. Very quickly the artistic recognition was at there. Her technical mastery, transparency,  and conviction could not go unnoticed.
    This series emphasizes the aestheticism as much by the line as the palette of colors. Sabine Danzé takes us into a fascinating world where luxury and aesthetics do not forget the intrinsic sensitivity of each work. Sabine's "haute couture", creates a mysterious dependence, impalpable, and yet so real.

    We keep on presenting Sabine's artwsorks with "Go easy" which leads us to a completely different universe. Fluorescent colors that reveal themselves in blue light, creative imaginary compositions, a new serie set by the artist.

  • BOURO laurent

    Laurent BOURO is aFrench artist born in 1967 in Touraine inspired by his many travels around the world (Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America, Caribbean...). Bathed by the cultures in which he has slipped, marked by all faces memories of the past, the artist gave birth several years ago to the series "Urban Mask" after the meeting and mixing of different cultural influences and techniques. The MÜ revolve around the question and ambiguity that raises the mask, revealing a culture and unavoidable pageantry of anonymity.

    The artist works tirelessly researching on the textures. He experiments techniques, pushing the boundaries of materials, plays with transparency to sublimate his oil paintings. His new work based on the depth of the soul as could do his previous work on faces. The tree, a witness of the time, our roots, spiritual quest, appears in the chiaroscuro as invincible, mystical, silent observer of our actions, yet still beaming, for us, of his purity.
    Recent work on landscapes highlights his work on pigments. Unique and warm colors on refined landscapes has met with great success among collectors.

    The gallery's words

    It is through the discovery of "Urban Masks" on the web that we discovered the works of Laurent Bouro and made us want to contact him. The transparencies of the oil on a black background, these faces that came to get us, remained in integration project for some time. In 2014 we exchanged and decided to meet. I discovered an artist of an exceptional generosity and goodness, a quality of work, a search and permanent questioning which seduce me and announce a very promising future for this artist. We planned an exhibition and agreed on its permanent presence in the gallery: the public had to discover this remarkable work! Our perseverance has been rewarded, true to itself Laurent continued his research, made new proposals without ever being satisfied with his achievements. Since 2014 it is always a pleasure to represent him, to discover his works that we receive each time as a gift.

  • LEMETAIS Emmanuelle

    Graduated from the Boulle school, Emmanuelle LEMETAIS started as an interior designer. A few years later, she decided to fully devote herslef to painting and illustration. It is first a safe trait applied to a concentrated observation of reality. She perfectly integrate the laxs of perspectibe in her urban and ladnscapes views. Even when cold colors dominate, the shades of orange, red, and plum warm up the canvas. In her artworks, color is queen. It is the basis on mich the artist works. Each of her painting is, beyond realism, the story of a shimmery light suspending time and embellishing the objetc of his hidden beauty : a colourful rainbow.

  • HAUTON Ewa

    Delicate, vibrant, powerful, Ewa Hauton's work won't leave anyone indifferent.

    Born in Poland, where she studied Fine Arts, Ewa Hauton arrived in France in 1990. She won the prize "Les stars de la peinture" the first year.

    After obtaining a diploma of Artistic Director in Advertising, she began an activity of graphic designer, visual artsits, and scenographer, while begining an artistic carrer, painting and sculpting.

    For more than 10years, she has devoted herself exclusively ro painting. Her encounter with a choreographer will determine the direction of her work towards movement, as a profound representation of life.

    Her work focuses on the body, especially the women's curves. Between ink and oil paint,, Ewa gets rid of the superfluous of forms and materials. She gives life to movement, with accuracy and skill.

    On her ink works, a touch of color comes to pierce the black and white, like a geyser of life that brings us back to the essential. The large scales allow her a freedom of action that contributes to thte blossoming of her work, mixing painting and drawing.

    Ewa's work, like an oscillating mirage, touches us with a subtle sensibility, and leaves us fascinated in front of such transparency.

    the gallery's words

    We discovered the paintings of Ewa Hauton through a colleague in 2016. Interpelled by her "gesture" we began to follow her work and had the pleasure of presenting her first exhibition in June 2016 following many trades. In 2018 I had the pleasure of finally getting to know her and I could appreciate her generosity, her empathy and her kindness. Ewa corresponded in every way to what I felt in front of one of her painting. Free, curious, open, she continues to perfect her artistic work. Abstraction, figuration, movement, Ewa has created a recognizable artistic identity.

  • FERREIRA David

    A former geometrician who has suppressed his creative energy, David Ferreira knew how to take the risk of devoting himself exclusively to his art, painting, which he taught himself. The growing success of an artist who can no longer contain his creative energies is gradually allowing David Ferreira to wholly devote his time to the practice of his art, splashy paintings of thick and fluorescent acrylics.

    Levi dos Santios himself writes : "Ferreira is dazzing, without points of reference or idols.(...) in sum, his production is not painting, it is a mastered fountain". As such, one can consider Ferreira's pictoral instinct as the point of departure of his creation. Totally spontaneous, David Ferreira did not attend art school, yet his works shows no absence of academic structure. His particular structure is merged with the rigor of his mathematical mind.

    The painter shows a decided taste for mathematical and geometric sciences whose influence on his pictoral works is clear : signs, unsolvable equations or geometric figures ponctuate his canvases, entering into tension with the quasi-electric luminosity of his colors and his curves.

    David Ferreira doesn't paint with a brush : he uses the trowel, the compass or sliding ruler. The variety of materials used as supports, surplus or signals help the artist to continually renew his art, while maintaining real coherence in his artistic development. As a result, the viewer will have no difficulty perceving the aesthetic continuity of different series of works such as "Crayonnade", "Bar Codes", "Toto et sa femme" or "Warholizé".

    "A sensory, sensual painting, a burr ... a painting that overflows", this is what the artist proposes whose dynamic and dense work does not leave the indifferent eye.

    The gallery's words

    We discovered his work in 2010. Intrigued, sometimes perplexed, attracted but still too interrogative it is only a few years later that David joined our artists. A universe that I had to discover, an artist that I had to meet. David takes us into a naive world, joyful, colorful, he does not play the artist, he truly is an artist. With unlimited imagination, every subject, every situation, is a source of creation. David is just like his paintings. Since 2014 we have come to know each other and a great collaboration has been born. David Ferreira was immediately accepted by the Bordelais. In a medical office, a business, in an entrance hall, a living room, a kitchen, David has invested space bringing with him his good mood. In 2018 David Ferreira becomes the artist carrying the values ​​of the "Compagnie Fiduciaire" in Bordeaux. He will produce a work of 8x5m for the head office of the latter which will open next in Bordeaux. A challenge ? yes, David loves it! but also a beautiful collaboration with the company, a work that will be talked about.

  • CORNEC Catherine

    Catherine Cornec has an artistic training, and began her career as a mosaic. She quickly worked as a master's painting copyist for a Parisian gallery. This collaboration lasted 6 years and ended in 2003, when Catherine Cornec decided to devote herself entirely to painting.

    The artist spent several years locked in her studio before showing, to the public, her world. From her excellent technique will be born female characters, essentially staggered colored. The artist invites us into a world where humor and color could make us forget for a moment the depths of the subjects and the severity of personalities. Over the years Catherine Cornec presents a complex character, free, which highlights a sensitivity that is close to us.

    the gallery's words

    I have known Catherine Cornec's work for many years, she was introduced to me by a mutual friend. Intrigued by her world and captivated by her technique, this Britain artist told me stories through her works. When the gallery opened in 2009, Catherine was already one of the artists. Catherine Cornec is a painter but not only, Catherine is passionate about writing and reads a lot. The characters, the situations she encounters, generally creates female characters, who are close to illustrious characters. "In her bubble" could reveal a part of his personality, the artist is full of life but isolated in her creations, a "head to head" that gives birth to funny and complex works. Since 2009 her work has undergone several changes,it marks different periods of life. We always discover with great pleasure her universe.

  • LAMY Henri

    French painter born in 1985, Henri LAMY calls by the spontaneity of his work. Colorful faces and scenes of life, Henri controls the techniques and is guided by his emotions. Influenced by Yan Pei Ming and Lucian Freud, Henri Lamy was introduced to "Dripping" and refines its identity. From abstract to figurative there is a space Henri invests with subtlety.

    The artist made his first exhibition in France in 2006 and then travels more and more regularly to Asia. These multiple exhibitions give him a real recognition of the artistic world. Very present in the asian market, Henri  grabbed these influences to present us a multicultural work. After his participation in the Japan Exhibition in Yokohama, the artist exhibited in Nanjing, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, Honk Kong, Singapore, Manilla and Bangkok.


    - Permanent artist, Bouillon d'art Art Gallery, Bordeaux, France
    – Ugnayan sa Poblacion, residency program, Taverne Gutenberg & ZHostel Manila, Philippines
    – Power, solo show, Qube Gallery, Cebu, Philippines
    – Figurations Nouvelles, group show, 59 Rivoli Gallery, Paris, France
    – Dans quel état j'erre, collaborative exhibit, Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, France

    - Permanent artist, Bouillon d'art Art Gallery, Bordeaux, France
    – Charity Live Painting, Bergonié Foundation, Bordeaux, France with Bouillon d'art Art gallery
    – Solo show & Capoeira Painting Performance, SYP, Tokyo, Japan
    – Solo show & Capoeira Painting Performance, Zava Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

    – Solo Show, Le Petit Bateau, Sydney, Australia
    – Co-founds the art residence Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, France
    – Visages d’ailleurs, Bouillon d’Art Gallery, Bordeaux, France
    – Malasimbo Music and Arts festival, Puerto Galera, Philippines

    – 100ECS collective show, 123 Daumesnil Gallery, Paris, France
    – Art residency, Montceaux-les-Mines, France
    – Hope, solo show, Modern Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
    – Art’s Vice Collective Show, Lyon, France
    – Malasimbo Music and Arts festival, Puerto Galera, Philippines
    – Art Residency, Le Cent, Paris, France
    – Drawing Lessons at Orphanage House, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    – La Désœuvre, collective Show, Starter Gallery, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

    – Jimmy Cliff & Joss Stone Official portrait, Manila, Philippines
    – Auction, Little sisters of the poor, San Francisco, USA
    – Wanderlust solo show, Altromondo Gallery, Manila, Philippines
    – Vue Privée, Singapore
    – Art Residency, Hôtel de Gallifet Art Center, Aix-en-Provence, France
    – Art Residency, Fei Gallery (Cao Chang Di), Beijing, China

    – Group show, Galerie Modus, France, France
    – Solo show, Galerie Saint Charles, Lyon, France
    – Lille Art Fair, Galerie Saint Charles, Lille, France
    – A Fool’s War, solo show, Coral Contemporary, Nanjing, China

    – Art Auction (by Henri Anton), Westminster Hotel, le Touquet, France
    – Exhibition at Galerie Flateurville, Paris, France
    – Selected to be part of 59 Rivoli, art residence in Paris, France

    – Exhibition, Art Up Déco, Paris
    – Collective Show, Maille Store, Paris

    – Exhibition at Galerie LeHalle, Paris, France

  • FISCHER Jean-Christophe
    Born in 1971, Jean Christophe FISCHER is passionate by painting since an early age. Not finding the depth of soul that he was looking for, he stoped painting at 20 years old and turned to music, dance. Jean Christophe became percussionist and worked for ten years with great masters.
    "François Kokelaere made me gain 20 years of research, I owe him a lot."
    More than 10 years of observation, and encounters, enable him to mature his painting, to tap into the dark realities of life, feeling deep within himself altruistic feelings which he fully realizes. The artist finally gets back to brushes and tries out the abstract...but to his surprise it is the human who appears to him.
    "I didn't see it coming, it was a discovery, the material made me feel my deep resonance. So, as an insidious analysis, I went to meet myself...I must explore everything..."
    The man became his favorite subject. Mirror of the soul, his painting reveals a humanity full of doubts, questions, uncertainties...the face that appears on the canvas expresses the loneliness of the human being, his pain, his anguish. Yesterday and today these many faces could also be those of tomorrow. All these eyes scan us, follow us and we still hear them when we walk away. Ths is the deafening and disturbing truth.

    The gallery's words

    Even before the creation of the gallery I was irretrievably drawn to the works of Jean-Christophe Fischer. My first artistic "meeting" was done via an art magazine, I could not take my eyes off those eyes that were scrutinizing me ! Disturbing, certainly, but so captivating! In 2013 I decided to contact and to offer him a collaboration, without really thinking that he would accept, we were a young gallery and he already had a good representation and a great reputation. His "yes" was for me an unexpected gift, I was finally able to share my these patingins that I love. Since 2014 I made you discover his universe and invited you to follow him in his creation. Jean-Christophe is a committed person who favors human relationships, a common point that connects us and strengthens us in our collaboration.

    In the 80s, Claude Duvauchelle stayed for 5 years in Milan, where he studied at the Brera's Fine Arts. Meanwhile he discovered in situ the art of the Italian Renaissance, and retains the edifying lessons of elders (Le Caravage, Mantegna...) All these paintings of martyrs and crucifixions have strongly and lastingly impressed. He perfected his approach to drawing through learning the comic to the "Scuola del Fumetto" school in Milan.

    Back in Paris, and after ten years of painting practice, he feels the need to address the volume and enrolled in workshops sculpture section Fine Arts in Paris.

    For other 20 years, the human body is his favorite subject. Having inspired, it allows him to translate his emotions, tensions, expectations of contemporary man. Through shortcuts and crushing plans, excessive and impossible poses, he show us a humanity returned to its original animality.