Our website offers a unique selection of original drawings, created by talented artists from around the world. Whether you are looking for a pencil drawing or an ink drawing, you will find what you are looking for with us.

Our collection of drawings ranges in style from French abstract art to Ukrainian surrealist art. We have made sure to include...
Our website offers a unique selection of original drawings, created by talented artists from around the world. Whether you are looking for a pencil drawing or an ink drawing, you will find what you are looking for with us.

Our collection of drawings ranges in style from French abstract art to Ukrainian surrealist art. We have made sure to include detailed information on each drawing, such as dimensions, medium, techniques used, framing and price, so that you have a clear idea of what you are buying. For businesses and professionals, under the price you will find the minimum monthly rent for a lease purchase.

Drawing has the particularity of bringing us back to the primary nature of art and its incredible capacity to bear witness to time. Through portraits, issues of our young generations, our emerging artists have been able to attract our attention. Each work is unique and each artist committed.
Discover through pencil, charcoal, ink drawings... current issues, remarkable works. In this discipline we meet more and more young, committed and talented artists.

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  • BARISEAU Quentin
    Quentin Bariseau is a young artist born in 1991 in the Pas-de-Calais.
    At a very young age, he developed a passion for drawing and quickly acquired his own technique and universe, which he completed with 5 years of study at the Beaux-arts de Dunkerque. He obtained the Diplôme National Supérieur d'Expression Plastique (DNSEP) with congratulations, a fine recognition for this young artist, who was still unknown to the galleries. Quentin began by working at a number of small jobs in order to devote his free time to his passion. He will do artists' residencies in the north of France and in particular in Ireland where he will discover engraving and etching. However, the artist will remain faithful to drawing and will work with several mediums: felt pen, pen holder, Rotring which will allow him to master the depth of blacks.

    His first universes, insects and vegetation, have captivated him since he was a child, then organic forms were revealed to move more and more towards the architectural side inspired by plant forms and by the degradation of matter. Quentin never ceases to describe matter in constant evolution, his drawings become powerful, fantastic.

    The beginning? Quentin puts the Rotring, the felt-tip pen or the pen-holder on the white sheet of paper, no prior preparation, the artist is instinctive, his senses are alert and he develops a fertile microcosm. Little by little, an architecture becomes clearer, a complex network spreads and eventually stabilises and becomes self-sufficient. Visceral constructions floating in an empty space devoid of scale, the drawing questions.

    Words from the gallery:

    Quentin Bariseau was introduced to me by a colleague and I discovered a fascinating world, a universe in which everyone is free to interpret the message, the subject. Quentin plunges us into the past, into the future, the construction of an architectural universe and the deconstruction of matter. I liked the strength that emerges from the drawing, the feeling of getting lost in the line and the authenticity of the line.

    Piotr Kamieniarz was born in 1964, lives and works in Salomin (Lublin Province). He has no artistic education, yet drawing and painting is his passion. Since 1994, he has participated in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. From 1996 he permanently cooperated with Galerie KK in the German city of Essen. In 2007 he took part in a collective exhibition, at which one could see, among others works of the famous writer and draftsman, Roland Topor and Gottfried Helnwein, whose work is passionate about Marylin Manson.

    For several years he has been presenting his works mainly in Poland, at exhibitions in galleries and at art auctions.

    The words of the gallery
    An incredible crush for this Polish artist. I totally plunged into this dark and powerful universe. Scenes of life with vitriol that disturb and captivate. I immediately contacted the artist and am delighted to be able to present it to you today.

  • TAKLANTI Marie
    Marie Taklanti, freshly graduated in applied arts, ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris, and in plastic arts, University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, begins her career as an author and illustrator of books for young people in collaboration with major publishing houses : Bordas, Bayard, l'école des loisirs... She invested about fifteen years before committing herself to a series of drawings, with Japanese ink and brush on Thai paper which will betray her fascination for the calligraphy of drawing.
    Her drawings are done freehand with no other support than dexterity and the ability to lead the line where it expresses the most intense intention, a thousand miles from any realism even in the heart of / amid a figuration often very faithful to appearances.
    "The gesture is an engagement of the body" and the obvious extension of the representation of the bodies. Light, combined, sucked, in movement, the bodies represented by the artist introduce you in a vital spiral. Duality, cohesion, tugging, entanglement, fluid precise lines, that can lead to different readings/ interpretations of the work.

    The gallery's words

    First of all it is a discovery on social networks that allowed me to discover the work of Marie Taklanti. Her gesture, her dynamism, the vitality and energy of the line supporting the tensions of the bodies in weightlessness as suspended in time and yet all linked to each other, I was conquered. Then I discovered the artist through an interview that explained her approach and that finally convinced me for real. When Marie contacted the gallery the decision was already made / I was already sure that I wanted to work with her.

    Born in Ukraine in 1949, Viktor TRUBCHANINOV comes from a family of miners and has been interested in drawing since he was very young. At the age of 14, an unexpected encounter led him to enrol in evening art classes with the man who was to become his unconditional friend and who would later enable him to enter the Kiev Fine Arts Academy. The dream became reality, Viktor became an independent painter and taught for many years at the Chernigov Fine Arts School.
    For Viktor Trubchaninov, drawing is the basis of everything, it is the foundation, black and white is the best way to get out of reality: "life is in colour isn't it?
    The artist constructs, sketches, and also integrates certain elements from the works of well-known artists and places them in his drawings. For Viktor, art is transversal, every artist has at least a part of another artist in him, it is part of his history. Not all the sketches see the light of day immediately, some are stored for years and will come out one day, others will remain in a state of gestation and some will give rise to a drawing. This is where humour and the absurd come into the drawing, Viktor readily admits that he likes to make people smile, the artist takes a malicious pleasure in offering a shifted work, seriousness is no longer the order of the day and animals are often the means.

    The gallery's words

    Viktor Trubchaninov pushed the door of the gallery with his daughter and his grandson "Sacha" asleep in his pram in September 2022. Olga spoke, her father not speaking French, but what immediately caught my eye was Viktor's amused look at the work of the gallery's artists. A sparkling, childlike eye that took great pleasure in wandering from room to room. After explaining to me the situation of his father, a Ukrainian artist who left his country with only his drawing boards, Viktor handed me postcards of his work. I then discovered a new universe, constructed, referenced but also humorous and mischievous, I was immediately touched by his offbeat universe that I wanted to share with you.

    Main exhibitions

    1982 – “USSR our Motherland”, National Union of Artists of the USSAR, Kiev, Ukraine.
    1984 – “National exhibition of graphic arts”, Riding hall, Moscow, Russia.
    1987 – “First National exhibition of graphic arts” Riding hall, Moscow, Russia.
    1992 – “Modern art of Ukraine. Calm”, Kiev, Ukraine.
    1992 – 1997 – “Ukrainian art – festival”, Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine.
    1996 – “Personality exhibition”, Science and Fine Art Center, Slavutych, Ukraine.
    1996 – “Personality exhibition Panopticum”, National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine.
    1997 – “Triennale of Ukrainian graphic”, Kiev, Ukraine.
    1997 – “Personality exhibition”, Municipal Gallery, Lille, France.
    1997 – “Photosynthesis”, Modern Fine Art Center of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine.
    1998 – “Personality exhibition”, Chernigov bank, Kiev, Ukraine.
    1998 – “Innocent encroachment”, Mimi Ferzt Gallery, New York, USA.
    1999 – “Nudes”, Mimi Ferzt Gallery, New York, USA.
    1999 – “Showing Show IV”, Arnot Museum, Elmira, New York, USA.
    2000 – “Look in modern”, Lavra Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
    2000 – “Found paradise”, Mimi Ferzt Gallery, New York, USA.
    2002 – “This killing beauty”, Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine.
    2005 – “Ukrainian artists of XX century” National Fine Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine.
    2006 – “Triennale of Ukrainian graphic”, Kiev, Ukraine.
    2007 – “Personality exhibition”, Foxtrot Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
    2014 – “World order model”, ART – KIEV CONTEMPORARY 2014, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine.
    2015 – “PRIVAT”, Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Kiev, Ukraine.

    Museum and private collections

    National Fine Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine.
    Fine Art Museum of Chernigov, Chernigov, Ukraine.
    Fine Art Museum of Kursk, Kursk, Russia.
    ARNOT Museum, Elmira, New York, USA.
    Private collections of France, Italy, German, USA, Russia, Ukraine.

    In 1998 famous actor Pierce Brosnan bought two pictures from Viktor Trubchaninov at Mimi Ferzt art – gallery (New York, USA).
    In 1999 drawings of Viktor Trubchaninov were filmed in the movie “The Thomas Crown affair”.
    In 2013 Belgian Prince Charles – Antoine Marie Louis Eugène Lamoral of Ligne – La Trémoïlle bought a few pictures from Viktor Trubchaninov at Garna Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine) .