• CORNEC Catherine

    Biography of Catherine Cornec 

    Catherine Cornec prepares a preparatory work on kraft paper with all the mediums at her disposal. This artwork will give birth, or not, to an oil painting done on canvas. The artist puts on sale this work of reflection that can be framed under glass, orstucked. Each work is unique.

  • Dr Draw
    DR Draw, as an inside joke from of his teenage years that later became his signature. His artistic career began at an early age with the discovery of music and drawing. At the age of 13, he tried different techniques such as oil painting and watercolor and made his first sales. Talented in drawing, he was fascinated by caricature and reproduces works by caricaturists such as those of Morchoisne. This is how he began to play with textures, shading and colors to develop his technique. In parallel he studied music where he learned music theory and practice of the guitar. Having left the drawing for music, DR draw returns a few years later and develops his technique in realism by practicing in reproduction to end up free and refine his style. The creation then becomes obvious, the artist is born.
    In his latest ephemeral series, Dr. Draw expresses his deep devotion to animals by denouncing the human impact on their existence. He combines his work with a great cause by playing on the scale of sizes and confining animals, endangered, in everyday objects. From shark to turtle, from polar bear to koala, the artist points out our responsibility for their future and reminds us that we are all actors in the environment.

    The words of the gallery
    Dr. Draw got in touch with the gallery in 2018, and his artistic proposition immediately attracted our attention. In stroke of remarkable pencil but also a sincere speech and the authenticity of the artist convinced us to integrate it into our artistic choices. The subject treated with delicacy and humor does not forget the gravity of the theme. The blanks surrounding the work take on their full importance and give each subject a real place in the questioning he rises in our minds. A young artist that we want to defend and carry the works and its message to the general public.

  • HAUTON Ewa

    Biography of Ewa Hauton

    The works on paper by Ewa Hauton are punctuated by gestures, the artist restores the movement of the body with a keen eye.


    Kyliss was born in Fontainebleau in 1993. Attracted by art she chose to take jewelery studies during four years. Since she discovers the design, she finds a real passion and jat only17 years old she turns to this art that deepens self-taught in her free time. Kyliss, like many young people of her generation, identifies herslef in tatoos. She works to identify the sources and draws on readings, stories and exhibitions to deepen the topic of belonging. Tattooing is no longer a marginal phenomenon.  Present in all societies its existence marked by exclusion in Asia and Europe, cultural belonging in the tribes, today emphasizes a strong identity beyond the fashion effect.

    Kyliss presents us with this exhibition "TranGenerational Tattoo" a fact of society and replace the tattoo as an art in itself. The artist with a promising future offers us a remarkable artwork full of rightness and emotion. A perfect line, an integrated sensitivity and incredible willness characterized this new artist.

    The gallery's words

    An unforgettable encounter!
    Kyliss, then 20 years old, sent us by email a presentation of her work. She then made drawings on A4 format. I was seized by the drawings of this young woman. An unusual technical mastery. We then decided to keep in touch and she regularly sent me her drawings by e-mail. A few months later, Kyliss came to Bordeaux and we met, we watched together her drawings, drafts and all she could achieve. Unaware of her abilities, this young woman has agreed to test herself on a large format. Some time later I received a photo of the work that foreshadowed the full potential of this young artist.
    We agreed to schedule an exhibition and Kyliss worked tirelessly for more than a year to create the exhibition's drawings. The public was not mistaken, the first exhibition was a real success. Since then, this young artist has been gaining in sensitivity and technicality. I did not know how she could surprise me yet, and yet each piece surpasses what we can imagine.