Today, sculptors represent an important part of the gallery. Artworks in bronze, resin, ceramic, wire or porcelain, in single or numbered editions, all have in common the talent of the artists who created them. From expressionist sculpture to abstract and more conceptual sculpture, we invite you to discover the universe that corresponds to you a...
Today, sculptors represent an important part of the gallery. Artworks in bronze, resin, ceramic, wire or porcelain, in single or numbered editions, all have in common the talent of the artists who created them. From expressionist sculpture to abstract and more conceptual sculpture, we invite you to discover the universe that corresponds to you and to let your emotions run wild.
Each artistic encounter is unique, discover the artist behind the artwork in the biographies provided. All the sculptures presented here are available for sale online and in gallery. You can buy a sculpture, in complete tranquility. Our web site is secure and updates available artworks realized in real time. We wish you a beautiful artistic discovery.


  • AMEY

    Amey continues his work on street art by changing media. Here she approaches the notions of housing, choosing as support "a Brick", of life in society, freedom of expression and representation of proximity. Consult her biography.

  • ARNO

    Arno SEBBAN-Willer (born in 1975) graduated from the National Superior School of Industrial Creation Workshops in 2000. He evolves between design and sculpture, form and fonction. Researcher, he enjoys playing with the feelings, the unconscious of anyone who encounters one of its objects. His works are born from mixtures of materials and ideas that inhabit his world. His research seeks to translate the movements of heaviness and lightness. Forms such facts to be looked at and touched the body, causing canal intercourse. The current work explores the body and their associated shadows. Of elongated shapes, fluid characterize his work on the crowds.

    Independent designer  since 2002, he collaborated with Saint Gobain, l'esprit & le vin, Lanvin, Lexon, Richard SA, Hediard, MHL distribution, Pictogramme and sees his sculptures incorporate ARP museum collections and private collections. He exhibited at the exhibition of contemporary art in Hamburg (2006), theChristofle museum  (2008),  Art in Chicago (2008)...

    The gallery's words

    The artworks of Arno were presented to us by one of his friends who, while traveling in Bordeaux, visited us. The work done on the shadows projection aroused my curiosity and I went to deepen the approach of the artist. Always dynamic and open, Arno offered to work with us but we did not introduce his work until 2 years later because there were few pieces available, the artist being "victim" of his success. For several years now we have the privilege of making you discover his work that always meets the public. Neat works, Arno continues to create contemporary sculptures that play with shapes, materials, shadows and allow everyone a personal appropriation.


    Artigas Planas, spanish sculptor born in 1960, graduate Fine Arts in 1985 teaches sculpture since 1988 in one of the best art school in Barcelona.

    His characters slide, dream, watch, listen, sit or cry but never get their foot estal. The "Woman" reproduced to infinity because she is infinite  entrust the artist. Artigas Planas puts women to honor and accept the pairing of colors ranging from blue-green to red.

    For the artist the composition is not limited to the bronze, it goes beyond and takes its wider universe. Artigas Planas locates his work in space, in the matter, it component bases of iron or corten, sometimes imposing but always harmonious. From the wall to the base sculpture, the artist creates tirelessly.

    Artigas Planas incorporated many collections and continues to be present in Spain but also in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium and France.

    The gallery's words

    A few years ago, I was facing Joan's sculptures at a show in Nîmes. Seeing that my eyes did not leave his stand, the gallerist who represented him came to talk to me about his work and offered me to introduce me the artist who was to come on the show. It only took us a few minutes to establish this bond of trust that characterizes our relationship. Since 2012 Joan's "little ladies" live in the gallery and make the happiness of our customers. A beautiful recognition for this artist who will see in 2018 one of his sculptures, represent the city of Talence through "City envy". His monumental sculpture will welcome you at Les Halles de Talence (33).

    The workshop

    Discover the artworks of Artigas Planas from his workshop in our section "artists' workshops"

  • BERTHAUD Patrick

    Patrick BERTHAUD is passionate about sculpture from an early age. He was received as a Companion Sculptor on Stone in 1998 and worked on cathedral sites, a great experience that continued to fuel his passion for sculpture. His various experiences lead him to master many materials such as bronze, resins, stone and terracotta. Patrick Berthaud continued in this direction and created his workshop in 2001.
    The artist then made many public commissions but also reserved time for his creation and for training, former Companion he kept in him the importance of transmission.
    Patrick Berthaud's artistic universe revolves around his questions about human nature, its strengths, weaknesses, emotions and limits. Works that carry messages. A recent work on the series "Les Labyrinthes" reveals all the mastery and power of the artist.

    The gallery's words

    Patrick Berthaud was traveling to Bordeaux when he came to visit the Gallery. He felt in harmony in the artistic universe that we represented and discussed with Juliette a possible collaboration. My first meeting with the artist was his portfolio that he gave us.When I discovered "Contact", the crush was immediate. From this sculpture emanates a surprising power that freezes the moment. Patrick Berthaud realizes many monumental sculptures, he masters his art without losing emotion and sensitivity. After a few exchanges, we agreed together on a first introduction of his works in the gallery.

  • BORGHI Pascal
    Pascal Borghi is the memory of a past, the witness of an era. At a very young age he joined the army and spent 2 years in Lebanon in the middle of the civil war. Barely 20 years old, he will keep indelible traces of this period and the intimate conviction that it must serve to denounce and become aware. In 2001, when nothing prepared him for it, he discovered the land. His fingers touch and plunge into the matter, a sensation he will never forget. Inevitably bodies appear from his hands, recounting this painful past but also paying tribute to man's resistance. Pascal Borghi learns to tame matter. With time and practice, he will extract the essential from it. His work is raw, no frills even in the supports. His works in stoneware or bronze are generally planted at the top of a stem as an elevation of the body towards a better world. All the strength of the artist lies in his sincerity and humanity. Each work is visceral, indispensable.
    The words of the gallery

    First it was an email I received a few years ago that caught my attention. Pascal was contacting me on behalf of a confrere. I was captivated by the strength and conviction of the works presented, but it was only later that we got in touch again. The work had evolved further, we were getting to the essential, to the irreducible sculpture. Pascal came to show me his works in the gallery, a feeling that comes from deep within, this is what the artist had just offered me.  I listened to the artist talk to me about his life, his feelings, his sincerity and his simplicity conquered me.
  • BRANDY Lucette

    After studying in the Art Décoratif school of Limoges, Lucette BRANDY worked for ten years in a creation workshop. She then decided to devote herself to scultpure, and entered her first gallery. Her touching caracters come to life in a very poetic way. The artist offers a benevolent and delicate vision of who we truly are, slightly playful but yet so soft to the eye and the hand. Her works are not caricatures but a dreamlike reflection of our own essence. With our favorite pets, or gazing toward the horizon where hope grows, BRANDY reaches at our hearts and finds what binds us togehter, humanity.

    The gallery's words

    Lucette Brandy was represented by the Imagine gallery in Bordeaux, I regularly went to admire her work. Her sculptures full of humor and kindness, brought sweetness and joy of living. When Imagine Gallery closed, and offered to represent this artist, I immediately accepted. A few month later I met this artist whose work I appreciated for several years. Lucette is very kind and her work is a reflection of her beautiful personality.

    Artist in the depths of herself Val Carr-Ortolan, born in Gabon in 1965, started with painting, her first love, to finally reveal herself through sculpture more than 20 years ago.
    It is in 2005 that we discover for the first time her work. A very marked artistic identity in which power, strength and softness intermingle inviting the hand to touch, feel, perceive the intention of the artist.
    Val makes us rediscover sculpture through her favorite material, paper. Works of art that are delicate and imposing at the same time, with soft and sober patinas that fully restore the artist's intention.
    Val Carr-Ortolan works on two themes of predilection : man and animal, separately or constituting the inseparable duo of the story she tells us.
    In 2013, Val Carr-Ortolan obtained the second special mention of the jury at the 11th International Biennial of Sculpture in Rambouillet, in 2016, the second prize for sculpture and the Univers des Arts prize at the International Academy of Arts in Paris.
    In 2017, she wins the artists' prize and the public's prize at the Carrara Trophy held at the Saint-Lô National Stud Farm.

    The gallery’s words

    I discovered Val's work at an art fair, where she presented some of her most captivating works. A marvel, a treasure, the hand involuntarily slips on the work, the touch becomes extraordinary and  the sensuality of the work and the material reveals itself as a matter of course. I acquired one of her works to offer it to someone very dear to me, the magic of the work worked, the emotion spoke, a moment I will never forget. The encounter with the artist was just as natural and we decided to work together.

  • CHEUVA Chantal
    Originally from Northern France, trained at the Beaux Arts of Lille and Roubaix, she is a sculptor since the age of 20. C. Cheuva works in a urge a sculpture close to Expressionism. Her signature remains powerful and spontaneous.
    More recently, she directs her creations in patinated plaster, and bronze.
    Year-round, she runs a live model workshop as well as internships and theme weekends.
    Present in numerous personal and collective exhibitions, her work is presented in gallery and international art fair.
    Her artworks evokes the life of everyone, of a generation. This universal subject confronts us with an disturbance but a profoundly true reality. The artist invites us to react, reflect, and put an end to this passivity to become truly actors in our society.

    The gallery's words

    I discovered the work of Chantal Cheuva on a show in Lille, her sculptures were a few meters from me, and captivated me. A very beautiful energy emanated from this work and the presence of these "women on the move" became addictive. A few months later, the artist contacted me to offer me a collabration. I then discovered an artist of great sensitivity, very attached to the human relationship. I had the great pleasure of counting her among our artists and presenting her in Knocke, Belgium, before introducing her work to Bordeaux.
    After training in Applied Arts, Sandra Courlivant became a painter in decorations and wall frescoes, a profession she will exercise for 10 years. Passionate about horses, she began by making equine sculptures from clay. Her passion naturally leads her to take an interest in people for whom animals are not only essential but also inseparable from humans. A stay in Mongolia in 2012 will be the revealer of her passion and she will forge still very active links with Mongolian artists. Sandra Courlivant participates in Franco-Mongolian artistic exchanges and is quickly recognized through collective exhibitions as the artist of the Mongolian people. Sandra is presented today in several galleries in France and abroad.
    The artist loves the power, the elegance of the horse but also the relationship that is established between man and animal. Naadam’s National Day will be a great source of inspiration with young children riding and being one with their mounts.

    The gallery’s words

    I discovered Sandra Courlivant's work in 2020 as she passed through Bordeaux. I immediately entered this poetic universe and its representation of the Mongolian people. Sandra's works reflect a history, a lived experience and are not limited to a theoretical knowledge of this magnificent equestrian people. Sandra Courlivant will tell you, with great humility, her passion and her attraction for this culture which is very often overlooked in Europe.
  • DE SUTTER Chantal

    Born in 1959 in Etterbeek, Chantal de Sutter has been attracted by art since she was young. Her encounter with her future husband, Robert de Sutter, will be a decisive event in her life. Both of them being passionate by sculpture, they created an art foundry and craft the lost wax works of other artists. There was only a few step to go before working on their artistic creations. Chantal has explored very different universes letting her imagination wonder into childhood but also to women and their femininity. Her work has been so successful that the artist has not been able to continue her work of foundry and after 20 years to oscillate between foundry and workshop, Chantal has been exclusively devoted to her artistic creations. Present in the largest gallery the artist enjoys a good reputation.


    The words of the gallery

    At first I discovered her childish universe, with colorful balloons, children pointing their noses to the sky, horses straight out of the imagination. Chantal created a magical atmosphere that attracted attention. Then I discovered over the years new artworks equally interesting, characters, slender, refined and sensitive, which highlight femininity and elegance.

  • DE SUTTER Robert

    Robert De Sutter, Belgian sculptor born in 1957 in Forest, son of Clement De Sutter jewelrt designer and founder lost wax and small son of the painter Ernest De Sutter, inevitably fell into the world of art. He studied  arts and crafts in Brussels in the 70s and refines its training alongside great artists like Rick Poot, Jef Vanturenhout, Pierre Caille, Olivier Leloux...and working different materials : bronze, stone, earth and wax.

    In 19777 he met Chantal De Block and both cdreate a foundry lost wax in which they perform the bronze works of many artists. After 20 years of experience as founders, they decide not to devote more than to their own creations. Stylish and refined, the caracters of Robert displayed great restraint. The bronze stretchand settle in breaks of rare elegance where the line and the curve play an essential role, wearing shell, ostrich egg, colored ceramic that cannot fail to emphasize the intrinsic beauty of his work.

    The gallery's words

    The work of the artist was presented to us by an artist's agent. I was immediately seduced by Robert's "unreal" universe. Figures with simplified silhouettes, simple attitudes, bodies in conversation. The bronze and ceramic alliance brings softness and serenity, an atypical universe that we wanted to share with our collectors.

  • DUPIN-SJÖSTEDT Elisabeth

    The human being is the main subject of Elisabeth Dupin Sjöstedt's work. This slender bodies, with suggerated shapes, are in a moving position or static. Their detailed faces reveals a mysterious personnality.

    The artist transports us in different times, past or future, real or fantasized.

    Clay, faience or sandstone, allors the artist to give life to the characters. Fabric, wood, or even sand are sometimes mixed with the clay. The artist lives in the Val de Marne, in France, and studied at the famous Ecole du Louvre, in Paris. She has won numerous awards.

    Elisabeth proposes a walk through singular worlds, and makes us want to imagine new ones, populated by her mystical creations.

    « How to deal with our world, if it’s not with the body we live in. Thanks to it, we can see, feel and find out this multiple and magical universe. The faces and the characters I create in clay allows me to explore even more the material but also its essence. While I work on a face, I expect somone to appear. Whenever ot occurs, the spirit and the material get then mixed together, that’s when it makes sense.

    Here’s the duality I try every time to define and reunite.

    Through this quest, lots of faces and characters come out./ We can’t say wich counrty, which erat hey belong to. But what they have in common is this mysterious humanity, endlessly moveing and animated by the invisible. » Elisabeth Dupin-Sjöstedt

    The gallery's words

    We often look for new artists, but they sometimes show up to us. Elisabeth Dupin Sjöstedt came to the gallery during a stay in Bordeaux. She felt in her environment and spent time discovering the work of other artists. After a few exchanges she introduced me to her work. Not only did I really appreciate the person, but the discovery of the work was just as interesting. The decision to work together was obvious. Elisabeth has a very sweet universe, in which we feel good immediately. Faces, couples, made of porcelain, express a great delicacy. Elisabeth has brought a touch of sweetness to the gallery and it is always with great pleasure that we discover her new works.

    The workshop

    Discover the artworks of Elisabeth Dupin Sjöstedt from his workshop in our section "artists' workshops"

  • FERNANDO Béatrice

    Béatrice Fernando first studied art history before dedicating herself to sculpture. Working the material seems to be a vital need for her, as she gives life to her creations.

    Her works are made of a unique material, melting sand, ceramic and sandstone. it allows her to create slender silhouettes with expressive facial features and a raw look.

    Béatrice poses on the mankind her piercing eye, probing deep inside every human being.

    Well represented on the market, she exhibited in several renowm locations, including one of parisian's most prestigious gallery, on boulevard Saint germain.

    She received the bronze medal of Arts, sciences, and Letters in Paris in June 2010. In 2011, she won the gold medal at the 13th international salon of Pezenas.

    The gallery's words

    Beatrice Fernando introduced me to her world several years ago. Back then, I had already been fascinated by her work that revolved around bullfighting. In 2016 I crossed it on an art show with new subjects that corresponded more to our artistic orientations. Reserved and friendly, Beatrice has accepted our collaboration proposal and since we are pleased to represent her work. Beatrice has her own world but also a technique developed, a material of her composition. Her sculptures have an incredible presence that can sometimes be disturbing. Beatrice is one of those sculptors who do not leave anyone indifferent.

    The workshop

    Discover the artworks of Béatrice Fernando from his workshop in our section "artists' workshops"

  • GALINSKI Evelyne
    "My characters are born from a deep personal and unconscious memory. I think they can also emerge from collective memory. They do not tell about the human body, but a dream of humanity. They cover their tracks...They invite to lose the marks of time, those of male/female, child/adult, alive or dead. They urge to drop all forms of reference and to find a similar look to that of the child."
    Evelyne Galinski born in 1950, creates a work that is difficult to speak. Caught up in the emotion face to the sculptures, the words seem too reducers and more approprioate are the silences. How to translate the emotion that overwhelms us and pincers. A well-being, inner peace, universality, an infinite possible...The earth, being, the soul...the earth...

    The gallery's words

    So much emotions !!! I first discovered the sculptures of Evelyne Galinski on the internet. The first artworks challenged me and I started to follow her work. A few months later we got in touched and agreed on a first meeting intended initially to get to know each other. Evelyne came to Bordeaux and introduced me "Döl" I was blown away by an emotion so palpable that Evelyn left me this sculpture while we had just met for the first time. Evelyne is a sensitive and whole artist who gives what she has without reserve. Her sculptures are born from her hands sometimes without her realizing it. Each work is moving, disturbing, a soul for each.
  • GREGOIRE Bertrand

    Designer, technoplastician, Bertrand Gregoire graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse, began his career by creating the design agency I.D.forme. He won the Gold award for the Medical Design Excellence Awards of New York in 2008.
    Through a subtle contemporary blend of Pop'art and 3D pixelation, the artist proposes here a series of antagonistic busts, opposing their two facial halves, as much by their definitions and their materials, as by their textures and colors.
    In this new series he addresses various iconic inspirations, themes that are dear to him; Prehistoric Venus, ancient deities, vanities, while revisiting bestiary registers and other figures of comics and cartoons ...
    The artist takes us into a sensitive universe; from the deep blackness of an abrupt matrix to the brilliant brilliancy of the rhinestones, from the implacable modernity of the cube Shape to the sensitivity of the classical volutes gilded with the leaf, as to better express the ambivalence which resides in each of our complex personalities.
    So many faces that seem to emanate from their original mold, emerging figures of their concepts, passing from a pixilated virtual sketch to their very real expressiveness.
    At the time of the 3D printer and all digital, even though the artist is inspired by it as a postulate of departure, the bill of his works on the other hand, is not less artisanal, in the tradition of modeling and resin cast in his studio, in very limited series, which makes them exceptional pieces.
    While conventional sculpture strives to "show" and contemporary art only "demonstrates", the artist's work is part of a contemporary approach, while confirming his deep love for the material.

    The words of the gallery

    Bertrand Grégoire came to present his works in 2012 at the gallery. In line with the ready-made, the artist combined recovery and creation, mixing techniques of diversion and foundry where mechanical parts and spent cans rub shoulders. It was a blow of heart, a really unusual work that we immediately presented in gallery and which was a great success.
    Still in research and perfectionist, Bertrand announced a new job that I waited impatiently without knowing what to expect. The surprise was there again and without hesitation I decided to present it to you. Bertrand Grégoire takes a real pleasure in searching, designing, creating this new work shows yet another side of his artistic creation no doubt we will still have good surprises.

  • GUERRIN Anne
    Initially a vital attraction for the earth. As a farmer's daughter, born in the country, Anne Guerrin has been touching it since she was a child, touching it , breathing it,  triturating, a vital need that has never ceased to inhabit her. After several moves it is in the beautiful setting of the natural park of Upper Languedoc, where the natural elements express their strength and are conducive to creation that she decided to settle and install her studio.
    The "Sages" are universal beings who have gone through time, there is in them something that is of the order of ancestral memory. They are born from the path of a life, an interest in the sacred, this one mani-festing itself in several forms, rites, symbols, myths, readings ... the observation of the man placed at the center of everything. Those who wear skirts or dresses around the world and who attract his attention are religious but also some butoh dancers.
    The words of the gallery
    I met Anne in 2014, she had commitments that did not allow us, at that time, to collaborate. At the end of 2019 the artist, freed from her commitments, gets back in touch with a work that asserts itself, even more charismatic characters, a universe that seduces me.
    The works speak of breaks, spirituality, transversality, an approach that seduces me.
    Biography of Hellen Halftermeyer.
    The wire sculptures of Hellen, we discover by projection works that the eye does not immediately discover. Volumes take shape when they are suspended or clung to the wall.
    An expressive work that complements an already established painter.
  • JAMET Christine

    On Breton origin, Christine Jamet began his professionel life as a nurse in surgery. A few years later she moved to Canada and she is passionate about sculpture. Christine Jamet follow a long pattern of training, ceramics, foundry and bronze work. It is with great passion she devotes entirely to the creation of his works. Made of clay or bronze, the artist always reserve the same requirement in the interpretation of "wives" or "bulls". Sensuality for women, power for the bulls. The city of Bordeaux and the General Council of Haute Garonne have give her many firts awards

    The gallery's words

    I knew the work of Christine Jamet as I had discovered it at a colleague and friend's gallery. At the closing of his gallery, he was kind enough to put us in touch because he knew that I appreciated his work. Christine Jamet joined the artists of the gallery at the end of 2016 and we had the pleasure to present to the public her works on bulls and her female bronzes. Christine Jamet works form, beautiful and sensual, for women, imposing curves and suggestive for bulls. From terra-cotta to bronze, the artist chooses her material according to her subject. Our exchanges and our meeting, open and pleasant, allowed us to appreciate and continue the representation of Christine

  • JUSTAMON Claude
    Claude Justamon's sculptures are above all a reflection, a philosophy with a promising future. Her androgynous characters are there to remind us that we are all very similar, thus masking the little meaning that our differences could have and restoring universality to its rightful place. The artist creates sculptures, undifferentiated human beings, and evokes a possible elsewhere, a possible otherwise and certainly a reflection to be carried out for each of us.
    For Claude Justamon, the first approach to working with terra cotta was ceramics and especially the Raku technique. This ancestral Japanese firing technique, closely linked to Zen philosophy, is compatible with a ceramic with simple shapes and devoid of any superfluous sophistication.
    For the past fifteen years or so, Claude has been interested in contemporary figurative sculpture, with the same concern for sobriety.

    The gallery's words

    I discovered the bronzes of Claude Justamon on a French art show in 2014. Her androgynous characters gave a serenity to the exhibition, "a haven of peace" that made us forget the hubbub of the show. Her first sculptures arrived in the gallery just after and since then, we have fun promoting her work. Claude puts in her bronzes's patinas as much delicacy and research as in the traits and attitudes of her subjects. Each sculpture tells a story, communicates, challenges.

  • LAVERI Giorgio

    Giorgio Laveri, is an Italian artist already present in many museums, a consecration of more than 45 years of artistic life. Giorgio was born in 1950 in Savona. Actor, assistant director, stage assistant, director, he directed his first film in 1978. Giorgio Laveri is a passionate person who has always given without counting. Generous, the human remains his priority. Very young he discovered ceramics by one of the masters of the discipline: Lucio Fontana who introduced him to what would become his great passion.
    Giorgio has a magnificent memory of this period of his life, following in the footsteps of the great masters, feeding on them and paying tribute to them, nothing more beautiful for the artist.
    Giorgio remained the multidisciplinary artist of his early days, linking cinema, theatre, painting and ceramics. Since 1974 he has written and directed 11 films and more than 19 plays, including the "Mariage Bet", winner of the Critics' Prize at the "Cinema at Home" of the Rome Film Festival.
    In 1990, he went further in his research by creating his first play on the theme "Ceramics - Light - Movement", in which "actors and ceramics interact on stage to create a luminous choreography".
    In 1993, he joined the French group Art mobil with whom he planned a series of events in Italy and France, such as the signing with Patrick Moya and Véronique Champollion of the Manifesto of the Mediterranean Artistic Movement, always in evolution.
    In 1996, he founded the Department of Mental Health of Genoa, "II Giardino del Mago" with whom he produced a series of works related to theatre and experimental cinema.
    In total, there are more than 200 events organized between cinema, theatre, shows and exhibitions.
    In 2017 Italy pays tribute to him with an exhibition of exceptional scope.

    The gallery's words

    I discovered "The lipstick" of Giorgio on a show in Paris in 2012, This remarkable work, hid an artist of great sensitivity to the atypical course. I met Giogio a few hours later on the stand and left with his works. This confidence given spontaneously touched me a lot. A few years have allowed us to know each other better and to find as much pleasure working together. Giorgio offers contemporary works, objects of life that take meaning and life in his hands.


    Mirogi practiced as a physiotherapist and osteopath, which allowed her to perfect her knowledge of anatomy. An incredible combination of circumstances would change her career path when she discovered Annick Aublet's studio in 1999. Mirogi then worked days and nights to record years of experience as a physiotherapist. The body, she controls it, she just has to let go of her perception of femininity.
    The artist works from living models in the studio and is accustomed to finishing the pieces at home, especially the hands and faces that require a lot of attention to detail.
    Mirogi creates finished works where the patinas perfectly reflect the play of light on the bodies. Mirogi is an artist with an assertive style, exhibited in the most prestigious galleries. Many of her bronzes have been included in beautiful collections in France and abroad.

    The gallery's words

    Mirogi's sculptures were presented to me by an artist's agent. In addition to the aesthetic aspect of his work, I appreciated the postures and the knowledge of the body. Mirogi's works are timeless, we fully feel the femininity of her subjects and their fragility.

  • MOUZAT Pierre

    After years of work on "life" and "old age" Pierre Mouzat presents us caring sculptures, where age and love are found in these faded, touching bodies. Meeting Pierre's works is a journey on who we are, our values, the meaning and the love of life. The artist told me "if there is an old age it means that there was a life, a youth" with a smile full of wisdom and gentleness.

    Born in 1958, it was in the 70s that Pierre MOUZAT discovered the sculpture in the studio of Jean Loup DELAROCHE in Loudun and took courses at the Drawing Academy of Jacques Gabriel CHEVALIER. Afterwards Pierre Mouzat will be received at the Ecole Boule de Paris where he will graduate major. In 1999 he is the winner of a national contest for the realization of the bust of French President François Mitterrand. Bust erected in the gardens of Château Chinon.

    The gallery's words

    I discovered the works of Pierre Mouzat in a countryside show, reserved for the sculptors, which had nothing to envy to the artistic choices of the galleries. The show, of a very good artistic level, had just surprised me, I did not know this event and discovered remarkable works when my eyes stopped on the works of Pierre. Pierre has a universe that may seem difficult at first but in which one perceives all the benevolence of the artist. A few weeks later Pierre Mouzat was visiting me at the gallery, accompanied by Hellen Halftemeyer, a young talented painter whose work I had spotted. This meeting with three, direct and friendly quickly lead to our collaboration. Pierre is full of human values ​​that I appreciate beyond the interest I have in his work. We have been working together since November 2017.