"Against a fluctuating background of absence, where existence hesitates to hold on, terrible existences are born, of unbelievable impact, in the form of hallucinatory, erased and tenuous sketches. Thomas Reheisser paints and draws archetypes. Here we see stains of beings, and lost human traces that bleed into the night. And still soiled by the dirt of time, bodies emerge. They have suffered the torture of surfaces. If they have been through all the disasters, they have never fled. As if drawn with a scalpel, their allure as implacable entities is indestructible. Each work, of impressive format, larger than life, is a stopped tremor. Thomas Reheisser's acute and sacrificial art unfolds on the deep walls of the prehistory of being. Drawing in the raw, condensed, swallowed up towards the depths, where the unthinkable of the human condition is dug out in the raw, in the bareness of appearance. Through hard, scabrous, energetic and uncertain creation, his gaze opens up to the anonymous, to the farthest reaches of bodily appearances, to the twilight disasters that shake humanity. The inside and the outside of existence, seized raw in their tumult, tell the secret and the atrocious of the body united and separated, unfinished and prodigious. His creation embraces the abyss, the mud and the confines, and in the expanse that the body tears apart, the opacity speaks. A painting from beyond the grave... A sacred disfigurement that shatters the narcissistic body. A dense chromatic, sepia-based, says the corrosion of souls, and the wear and tear of all hope. But the partial body, even if saturated with the difficulties of time, distraught and destitute, becomes a subtle body of imploration. Body-talisman. Never crushed, it dares to take the universe into its own hands. Enigma of a body-monster stretched with

fragile whiteness, exalting the grey and black half-tones that are layered until the lights are released. Thomas Reheisser walks on the skin as on a land of sky. Each drawing-painting is a jolt." Christian Noorbergen

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