Bouillon d'art gallery is a qualitative and committed selection of painters, sculptors, visual artists and draughtsman. More than 30 artists, more than 250 works to explore the artistic palette of emotions! Quality human encounters support each artistic presentation of the gallery.


  • Painting
    Behind each contemporary painting that we propose to you there is a painter selected on a blow of heart. We present works from very different worlds that have moved us. From the painting that makes us smile to the one that awakens darker aspects in us, they all provoke reactions that are very personal to us. Behind each painting is a work of art that we had the pleasure of discovering, proposed by fascinating and humanly rich artists. It is with great pleasure that we share their work with you. In each biography, a little hint is given about our meeting with the artist. All the paintings presented here are available for sale online and in the gallery. You can buy your work with complete peace of mind. The online sales site is secure and the available artworks are updated in real time. We wish you a beautiful artistic discovery!

  • Sculpture
    Today, sculptors represent an important part of the gallery. Artworks in bronze, resin, ceramic, wire or porcelain, in single or numbered editions, all have in common the talent of the artists who created them. From expressionist sculpture to abstract and more conceptual sculpture, we invite you to discover the universe that corresponds to you and to let your emotions run wild.
    Each artistic encounter is unique, discover the artist behind the artwork in the biographies provided. All the sculptures presented here are available for sale online and in gallery. You can buy a sculpture, in complete tranquility. Our web site is secure and updates available artworks realized in real time. We wish you a beautiful artistic discovery.
  • Photography/ Visual Arts

    Our visual artists work mainly with recycled materials, the works are the testimony of a generation. You will discover the nobility of the materials used over time and in use. Talented artists who speak to us about our society with great delicacy.

    The photographers of the gallery offer works of composition, from their shots, they reinterpret the subjects that we reveal all their creativity.

    Discover their artistic approach by reading the biographies, we will reveal to you our first encounter with the artist and our favorite.
    An artwork you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us or to buy it online. Our website is secure and updates are made in real time.

  • Drawing
    Drawing has the particularity of bringing us back to the early nature of art and this incredible ability to reflect time. Through portraits and the challenges of our younger generations, our emerging artists have attracted our attention. Each work is unique and each artist is committed.
    Discover through pencil drawings, charcoal, ink... current topics, remarkable artworks. In this discipline we meet more and more young, committed and talented artists.
    Take the time to read the biographies and discover the artist and our meeting.
    You can buy online safely, we have paid the utmost attention to guarantee you the best service. Our updates are made in real time.