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Our website is the ideal place for art lovers looking for unique and original creations in the field of plastic arts. Over the years, we have presented artists in many different disciplines. We offer you the opportunity to discover an original selection of works by outstanding contemporary visual artists.

Our collection of plastic arts includes v...

Our website is the ideal place for art lovers looking for unique and original creations in the field of plastic arts. Over the years, we have presented artists in many different disciplines. We offer you the opportunity to discover an original selection of works by outstanding contemporary visual artists.

Our collection of plastic arts includes very different universes such as the crumpled metal in suclpture, the zinc of recovery or the mosaic in paintings. We have taken care to include details of each work, such as the dimensions, the medium, the techniques used and the price, so that you can have a clear idea of what you are buying. For businesses and professionals, under the price you will find the minimum monthly rent for a lease purchase.

Our artists work mainly with recycled materials or primary materials, the works are the testimony of a generation. You will discover the nobility of the materials used through time and use. Talented artists who speak to us about our society and its cultural foundations with great delicacy.

Discover their artistic approach by reading the biographies, we will reveal our meeting with the artist and our favourite.
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Photography/ Visual Arts 

  • DELAGE Nicolas
    Nicolas Delage is a contemporary visual artist born in 1986 in Périgueux, Dordogne. With a mother who is a painter, he has been immersed in art very soon, deeply attracted by drawing and figurative representations. On his return from his trip to New Zealand, he became a professional in art furniture and marketed his creations through specialized shows.
    What is less known is that Nicolas was also a hot air balloon pilot for several years and that this experience combined with his taste for metal was the trigger / beginning.
    While he was in his workshop, equipped with his paint cans, he began to create paintings on steel sheets. Four years later, he started to work with the material itself and with the help of an excavator, he started to compress and crush a sheet of metal, then lacquered it in black.
    This is the beginning of a beautiful story, Nicolas is very much inspired by nature and its glow that he could admire during his paramotor flights. He likes to reproduce the shapes, the movements and the lights of his environment. He nourishes the will to ally his works to natural elements, in an original and aesthetic contrast. Capturing the present moment is the message that comes from his artistic achievements / creations.
     Since that day, Nicolas Delage has never stopped using steel as his favorite material. Why this singular choice? First of all, because he defines himself as a Cartesian artist, claiming an extravagant and rebellious art. But also because he transmutes this cold and hard material into a softer and more tender one. His work highlights something between a form of power and sublimation.

    The words of the gallery

    An email, a call, a visit, pegs in the wall and in less time than it takes to say it Nicolas Delage was part of the artists of the gallery! A sincere, passionate and determined artist who offers me to discover an amazing and powerful work. The steel disappears in the softness of the folds without ever making us forget its strength, that’s the magic trick of Nicolas. I was captivated by the reliefs and the play of light, the shadows that sometimes consolidate the depth of the past, the fluidity of these contemporary and majestic works / masterpieces.
  • GOA
    A self-taught French artist born in 1972, Goa has always been fascinated by ancient Greek and Roman statues and mosaics, Egyptian art and architecture. His atypical career began in Nice where he obtained a literary baccalaureate and quickly his desire to move and discover other worlds was felt.

    Goa studied psychology from 1991 to 1997 in Florida in the United States and obtained a Bachelor's degree.
    On his return to France, he decided not to pursue his studies and took on seasonal jobs to devote his free time to painting, his first passion. Goa refers to this period as a logical continuation of his parents' artistic education and his interest in the works of Miro and Kandinsky. However, he realises that painting is not his preferred medium.

    The real revelation would have to wait until 2018, when an exhibition of ancient mosaics in a New York museum would be the trigger. Goa returned from his trip determined to launch himself, his artistic fibre was ignited and he thought he had found his way. He decided to take classes and met Mathilde L'Huillier, a teacher from a large family of mosaicists. Very quickly, the initiation turned into a revelation. The techniques he had learned became concrete. He began to work on his own on the subjects that interested him and in the space of five years, his technique was at the service of his artistic universe. Goa produced his first work, "Face of David", the soft, monochrome palette of porcelain stoneware, close to the tones of stone, enabled him to reinterpret the great classics. He brings a contemporary touch to this noble and ancient art.

    Today Goa brings back to life under his hands, not without emotion, an art almost forgotten by art galleries. The artist gives back his place not only to the material but also to the beauty of the ancient arts, he confided to us with modesty "the mosaic is what allowed me to reveal myself, to exist, it changed my life". The recognition of the collectors comes to reward the artist of these years of work.

    The gallery's words :

    Goa's work was not unknown to me, a client had told me about it a few years before. I remember being immediately touched by the subject matter and his very contemporary treatment of mosaics but he was still distant from galleries and wanted to take his time. December 2022 I received an email from Goa presenting his work, the decision was immediate, I had to see the works in person and meet the artist. January 2023, Goa comes to present his work which conquered me at once and moreover I discover a sensitive, reserved, modest and benevolent person. Goa never ceases to deliver an artistic work in conformity with his expectations, the requirement giving rise to periods of stress inherent in the completion of the work.

    2023, exhibition

  • PIVETEAUD Dominique

    Dominique PIVETEAUD, is a sculptor born in paris in 1959, and he worked for many years in Berlin. Very quickly, he favors sharing workshops at homes, in community and enriches the contact with other artists. Author of numerous publications in "the School of Recreation", his writings are now reference to the issue of the teaching of literature. This reflection on the relationship with the literary and more broadly cultural echoes the questions running through his plastic work, especially when endorsed the words of Bernard Charlot and definies the human condition as "entering a world where humans are in the form of men and all that humans have built previously". By this way of thinking humans, it is fully in the social space and it is natural in the urban environnement that Dominique Piveteaud draws its "matter". The artist takes the bitten by rust, zinc plates used, the son of twisted iron and other materials impregnated with time and history that assembled by successive adjustements irons. Consideration of the artist for this memory leads to revisit these fragments dedicated disposal to give their lives in his work.

    The gallery's words

    I discovered the works of Dominique Piveteaud during an exhibition by a colleague. When he stopped his activity he offered me to represent Dominique's artworks. I then met Dominique, a reserved, posed artist who talks about his work with a lot of humility, the relationship between the work and the artist is undeniable. We have been working together for a number of years and I always discover with pleasure the work of memory, material and composition.