Photography/ Visual Arts 

    Boroski, self-taught French artist, did not suspect that his career shall lead him to (embrace) artist's vocation. Very invested in his hospital career in the Emergency medical service of Nice, he still manages to finds time to dedicate himself to his passion, the artistic creation under all its forms.
    Boroski does gilder's training course in a professional studio in parallel of his already well filled professional life and so completes his intuitive sense for composition and the assembly by a technical skill which will open him new horizons.
    Called out by Arte Povera in whom he identifies a whole part of his work, he creates for almost thirty years paintings and sculptures where his technique comes to sublimate the simplicity of the used, essentially stemming materials.
    The artist thus invites to go beyond the appearance to fix the essential, the object is diverted, brought back to its existence alone.
    Boroski’s works initially seduced by their compositions and the aesthetics inherent in his work, before glimpsing the work of research and reflection.
    For more than 30 years the artist has remained unknown to galleries and the general public, his works directly integrating private collections through private personal exhibitions organized by his collectors.

    The gallery’s word

    Some encounters are more important than others, and Boroski is one of them.
    While travelling with collectors' friends in Bordeaux, Boroski accompanied by his wife pushed the door of the gallery attracted by an artistic sensitivity that touched him. Humility, simplicity and human values eventually revealed the artist he hadn’t been presented. Boroski was not looking for a gallery however this meeting was decisive and we considered a collaboration. I am delighted to bring his work to the public today.


  • PIVETEAUD Dominique

    Dominique PIVETEAUD, is a sculptor born in paris in 1959, and he worked for many years in Berlin. Very quickly, he favors sharing workshops at homes, in community and enriches the contact with other artists. Author of numerous publications in "the School of Recreation", his writings are now reference to the issue of the teaching of literature. This reflection on the relationship with the literary and more broadly cultural echoes the questions running through his plastic work, especially when endorsed the words of Bernard Charlot and definies the human condition as "entering a world where humans are in the form of men and all that humans have built previously". By this way of thinking humans, it is fully in the social space and it is natural in the urban environnement that Dominique Piveteaud draws its "matter". The artist takes the bitten by rust, zinc plates used, the son of twisted iron and other materials impregnated with time and history that assembled by successive adjustements irons. Consideration of the artist for this memory leads to revisit these fragments dedicated disposal to give their lives in his work.

    The gallery's words

    I discovered the works of Dominique Piveteaud during an exhibition by a colleague. When he stopped his activity he offered me to represent Dominique's artworks. I then met Dominique, a reserved, posed artist who talks about his work with a lot of humility, the relationship between the work and the artist is undeniable. We have been working together for a number of years and I always discover with pleasure the work of memory, material and composition.