Hellen Halftermeyer will be at the gallery on Saturday 28 October 2023 from 2pm, so come and meet her!

Born in Lille in 1980, Hellen Halftermeyer is a painter and sculptor whose work projects an expressionist deconstruction of the academic codes taught during her training at the Bordeaux Fine Arts School, to extract tension and emotion. Her work revolves around the human and animal kingdoms, Hellen perceiving life in the depths of her subjects and bringing it back to us in mediums ranging from oil for her paintings to metal for her sculptures.

The blurred faces appear or disappear according to each viewer, inviting us into a world imbued with lightness, gravity and beauty. The soft, subtly nuanced and vaporous palette contributes greatly to this soothing effect. But Hellen was always on the lookout for new means of expression, and she discovered ironwork. Without ever abandoning painting, she began to explore sculpture, weaving wires to create faces where transparency meets the lightness of her painting. Volumes, glances that follow you, shadows that inhabit the characters, her "Videacier" sculptures seduce, question but are unanimously appreciated.

Recently, the artist decided to go even further by working with the arc welding technique. She scours metal salvage sites in search of treasures and decides to give them a second life. Heavily equipped, Hellen Halftermeyer makes us forget the physical dimension of the technique by creating jagged works where each strand of metal is successively welded to the previous one, giving birth to a delicate and powerful work.

To discover an exhibition by Hellen Halftermeyer is to travel between gentleness and strength, delicacy and power, suppleness and rigidity - a journey that is both sensory and astonishing.

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