"My characters are born from a deep personal and unconscious memory. I think they can also emerge from collective memory. They do not tell about the human body, but a dream of humanity. They cover their tracks...They invite to lose the marks of time, those of male/female, child/adult, alive or dead. They urge to drop all forms of reference and to find a similar look to that of the child."

Evelyne Galinski born in 1950, creates a work that is difficult to speak. Caught up in the emotion face to the sculptures, the words seem too reducers and more approprioate are the silences. How to translate the emotion that overwhelms us and pincers. A well-being, inner peace, universality, an infinite possible...The earth, being, the soul...the earth...

The gallery's words

So much emotions !!! I first discovered the sculptures of Evelyne Galinski on the internet. The first artworks challenged me and I started to follow her work. A few months later we got in touched and agreed on a first meeting intended initially to get to know each other. Evelyne came to Bordeaux and introduced me "Döl" I was blown away by an emotion so palpable that Evelyn left me this sculpture while we had just met for the first time. Evelyne is a sensitive and whole artist who gives what she has without reserve. Her sculptures are born from her hands sometimes without her realizing it. Each work is moving, disturbing, a soul for each.