Born in the South West of France, JOSEPHA began her carreer as a fashion designer and became a world wide hit. Her encounter with the man who now shares her life, scultpor himslef and professor of Fine Art, will de decisive. She decided to devote herself to sculpture. Even though the theme of women is universal, she has a truly unique way to apprehend it. The aesthetics of her resin and bronze is incomparable. While others hesitate or wonder, JOSEPHA breaks down clichés.  Always on the move, sensual or vibrants, her women are adorn with laces and a variety of ornaments. These captivating beauties tranport us in her bold and magical world. Present in the most prestigious galleries, in France, Europe, USA, and Asia, JOSEPHA is a major player in the contemporary art scene.

Josepha exhibitionjosepha exhibitionJosepha exhition