Benjamin Carbonne is an expressionist artist born in 1970. Self-taught and then aged 20, his father offered him his first palette as a painter, thus offering him an alternative to his need for expression. Very quickly Benjamin gave birth to tormented faces in black and white.  He wanted to go further and negotiate with the Montpellier Museum of Anatomy to learn anatomy in exchange for drawings made for the course materials. This technical knowledge will then allow him to free himself from the technique to give free rein to the emotion.
Particular creations have made this emerging artist evolve:
In 2007, the creation of a 50-metre-long fresco at the Rivesaltes camp will once again give meaning to his approach and will help Benjamin to appreciate his "place" as an artist in a story.
In 2009, it is the order of a Pieta that will provoke in benjamin a different work on the body.

Benjamin Carbonne exhibition february 2019